Elysa Rapoport

Development and External Relations
Elysa Rapoport

Age: 27

Residence: Tel Aviv

Occupation: I moved to Israel four years ago from Australia and have been working at the Peres Center for Peace since May 2010 in the Development and External Relations Department. Before working at the Peres Center I worked for another NGO called the Center for Jewish Arab Economic Development in a similar capacity. I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Political Communications at Tel Aviv University.

Politics & the “other side”: I grew up in an Australian Jewish family, with a close connection to Israel and spent much time here during my youth. After studying International Relations at the University of New South Wales and focusing on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, it was always important to me to work in this field brining together Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians. This project is an excellent vehicle for doing just that – it is an absolute pleasure to see the relationships being formed between the Israeli and Palestinian players in the team – who through AFL – a sport I grew up loving and watching – have forged real friendships that I know will not only last between them, but also will impact their families and their communities.