Inbal Ben-Ezer

Project Manager, Peres Center for Peace

Inbal Ben-EzerAge: 26

Family: My family is all “Tzabarim” – born in Israel after making Aliyah from Eastern Europe in the 1880’s on my father’s side (being one of the first families to build Petach-Tikva) and in the 1910’s on my mother’s side (being one of the first families to build Tel-Aviv city). I am the eldest of three, with twin siblings a decade younger than me, a dog and two cats.

Residence: Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Occupation: I have been working for the past two year at the sport department of the Peres Center for Peace trying to forge relationships between Israeli and Palestinian children and youth. I have a B.A in International Relations and interdisciplinary studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and have taken part in the “Paths to Peace” program for Israelis and Palestinians in NYU.I have also finished two year of mandatory service in the Israeli army.

Politics & the “other side”: Coming from a socialist, zionist family, I felt very connected to Israel from a young age. Living through the suicide-bombings in the 1990’s in Tel-Aviv and serving in the army made me even more politically involved and interested in getting a better understanding of the conflict – thus participating in projects that enabled me to meet Palestinians and learn about their narrative of the conflict. After going through a meaningful process myself, I wished to help others go through it and found the Peres Center as the perfect alley to do so. So far the AFL Peace Team has been my most interesting and inspirational project at the Peres Center – and the best is still to come!

Like many Israelis and Palestinians, I also suffered a personal loss, as my first-love was killed at the young age of 20, while serving in the IDF. Being only 20 myself this had a major affect on my life and views; my heartbreaking loss became my source of energy – a “burning-fire” inside of me – compelling me to do all that I can to prevent further sufferings.