Kevin Nafte

* Past Player
** Coach

Age: 28

Residence: Tel-Aviv

Occupation: CEO of a social enterprise.

Family and work: Kevin is  a South African/Australian immigrant who has been living in Tel Aviv for the past 4 years. After completing his Masters degree in Counter Terrorism and Conflict Resolution in Israel, he subsequently worked as the assistant to the Ambassador and assistant Public Diplomacy officer at the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. In 2009  Kevin launched Telalivit – a social enterprise whose mission is to build an integrated community in Tel Aviv. Kevin’s family currently live in Sydney.

Sport: Kevin was a player in the original Peace Team in 2008. However, a week before the team departed for Australia, Kevin tore his ACL and was unable to play in the AFL International Cup. Kevin was a keen rugby & soccer player before immigrating to Australia, but since his introduction to AFL, he finds most other sports boring.

Politics & the “other side”: Since the first peace team, Kevin has helped initiate various projects for the Peres Peace Center including an Israeli Palestinian cricket project and an Israeli Palestinian football project together with Football Australia. In his spare time, Kevin can be found at the beach or catching up on the Fremantle Dockers.