Mohamed Manasra

Age: 21

Residence: Bani-Naim

Family & Childhood: I have four brothers and four sisters of which I am the youngest.  They are all married.

Occupation: I work in a carpet shop

Sport: I started playing football 12 years ago. I took part in different tournaments and was a member of the local sports club.

Politics & the “other side”: In 2008 my best friend, who was also my classmate, was accidentally shot while passing by a demonstration. I was shocked when I heard the news and this affected me very much. His mother is still in grief today. Since this incident, I became interested in trying to change the minds of the soldiers or the future-soldiers and to approach them from a humanitarian point of view, because I know that in the end they are human beings like us and they have mothers and families waiting for them at home. I want them to think twice before they pull the trigger.