Naseem Manasra

* Past Player

Age: 24

Residence: Bani Naeim

Occupation: Coach and student of Sport

Family & Childhood: In my family we are four boys, two of which are married, and two girls. I am engaged to a woman from Jerusalem – It took me a long time to convince her family to accept me because I carry a West bank ID. Finally, after a long love story, we are getting married after I come back from Australia.

Sport & Politics and the “other side”: I took part in the first tournament in Australia. I started playing football when I was nine. When I decided to study Sport the only place I found was in the north while I come from the south and it is four hours away from where I live. When the political situation was tense I had to face road blocks and closures or at best, just checkpoints. Therefore, I had to make sure that I spare one full day when going to university, and another full day when coming back home every weekend. That makes two out of seven days a week of my life being wasted in crossing checking points and being stopped all the time for check and waiting in lines.